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Author: kevin-palmer

345 Meteors – Geminids at Diamond Butte

Every year in mid-December hundreds of meteors fall from the sky in what is the most active meteor shower of the year. The moon phase was favorable for viewing in 2018, setting at 10:30PM on the evening of the 13th… Continue Reading…

The Tornado Machine – June 28, 2018

The spring of 2018 had been a pretty good year for chasing storms across the Northern Plains. I had seen some impressive structure, powerful lightning, and gorgeous sunsets. But at the end of June the season was starting to draw… Continue Reading…

Rim to River to Rim – Grand Canyon in a Day

“Warning – Hiking to the river and back in one day is not recommended due to long distance, extreme temperature changes, and an approximately 5,000-foot (1,500 m) elevation change each way. If you think you have the fitness and expertise… Continue Reading…