Awe of the Above

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Hi, I’m Kevin and I’m a nature photographer based in Sheridan, Wyoming. I chase storms, seek out scenery and sunsets, and pursue dark skies and rare astronomical events. One of the main themes in my pictures is amazing places and ephemeral moments that inspire awe. It may come from witnessing a powerful lightning storm, standing in wonder under the northern lights, or simply marveling at a colorful sunrise sky. Awe is an emotion that has many benefits. Taking the time to appreciate views like these can help you live in the moment, forget about problems, humble you (in a good way), and simply make you grateful to be alive. And for me personally, I get inspired to learn everything I can about what I photograph, and praise the God who made it all. But in a busy world increasingly tied to screens, awe is not something that people experience enough of. That is why I strive to capture these moments, and share them with others.

For awhile I’ve had pictures and stories scattered across different websites, social media platforms, and forums. But I needed one place where I could post more details about trips I’ve taken, and tie pictures together. So I finally started this travel/adventure blog. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy it.

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